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‘MARIA’ short elasticated fur cuffs

£ 35.00


For all those colder days ‘Maria’ our elasticated knitted Rex rabbit cuffs are a perfect fit.

Wearable over jumpers to add that extra finesse to your outfit or to keep your hands warm.

Available in two Color variations:

Frosted Brown or frosted Black.

Did you know that you are 80% more likely of getting cold hands if the back of your hand is exposed?
Well, that’s an easy fix then with these genius little cuffs. Small enough to be kept in your handbag or coat pockets they will always keep your hands toasty warm whilst feeling super soft and fluffy.

Wear them straight as gloves, or cuffs or even on top of other gloves for extra warmth.

Add them to the top of your shoes or ankles. This cuff is a very versatile genius and makes a great stocking filler.

– genuine Rex rabbit fur
– fur is knitted into elasticated cuffs
– one size fits all
– approximately 9cm x 9cm
– arrives in a lovely satin gift bag

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