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Fur: The Sustainable Option

Fur: The Sustainable Option

‘Fur phobia’ has swept through the Fashion Industry. High end fashion brands, such as Chanel, Fendi and Prada, use fur, leather and animal skin. However, with luxury comes the perception that these products are simply a way for you to show off your wealth and are harmful to animals and the environment. The ever-growing hatred for authentic fur fashion has caused ‘lower end’ UK retailers to react, choosing plastic and faux fur alternatives.

For example, Boohoo and ASOS, two of the UK’s leading retailers have teamed up with PETA (People for ethical treatment of animals) to prohibit the use of fur, silk, leather, animal skin, cashmere and wool. Instead, they use man made acrylics which actually cause more damage, in the long run, to the environment.

60% of synthetic fabrics are now made in factories using machinery powered by fossil fuels, that is adding to air pollution and the overall effect of global warming. Once made, the fabrics shed micro fibres that will take hundreds of years to bio-degrade. These tiny plastic particles that are shed in the wash can end up in waterways and food supplies and are ingested by aquatic animals. Not only this, in 2018 the UK alone took 300,000 tonnes of textiles and clothing, not all of which could be recycled properly, to landfill.

Keith Kaplin, of the Fur Information Council says “petrol-based plastic fur is extremely harmful to the environment. It isn’t biodegradable and It’s harmful to wildlife”.

We aren’t saying that high fashion brands are totally blameless. They often burn stock to ensure the brands value doesn’t depreciate (2018 saw Burberry burn stock worth £28.6million) but the use of furs, silks, skin and leather lasts a life time and is highly sustainable in the long term.

As the late Karl Lagerfeld said, “I hate the idea of killing animals in a horrible way, but as long as people eat meat and wear leather I don’t get the message”.

When it came to the use of real fur, Karl had backing from a range of other high-end fashion houses and tailors. In reality, European fur lives a great life and animals aren’t kept in cages and tortured as animal rights activists have you believe. The fur trade is considered a way of managing the wildlife population and provides livelihood for many communities.

Fashion manufacturers and retailers seem to be under the influence of animal rights activists, who often use ‘sustainability’ as an excuse for being anti-fur. In the UK, this has become an increasing issue and is even backed by the Government, who has banned the production of fur in the United Kingdom. This has expanded further afield, driving the fur trade out of Europe to lands where animal rights don’t even exist, such as Russia and China.

Whilst fur isn’t for everyone, it has many benefits when it comes to longevity and sustainability. For luxury fur pieces that will never go out of style browse our Patricia K Pritchard wardrobe.

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Our favourite Spring fashion pieces from the Patricia K Pritchard wardrobe

Our favourite Spring fashion pieces from the Patricia K Pritchard wardrobe

Spring is finally here and we’ve seen the evenings get longer and the weather get (a little bit) warmer. Here at Patricia K Pritchard, we think it’s the perfect time to swap heavy furs for lighter fabrics and integrate some colour into our wardrobes. Here we explore our favourite Spring fashion pieces from the Patricia K Pritchard wardrobe.


The ‘Sasha’ outdoor parka gilet


Our first pick is the ‘Sasha’ parka style gilet which gets you ready for Spring whilst keeping you warm. It’s the perfect piece for any outdoor and countryside enthusiast to wear over a jumper or blouse. The gilet is made in a water-repellent cotton mix which keeps you protected from all types of weather, perfect for a temperamental Spring in the U.K. Genuine racoon fur trim on the hood keeps the wind off your face and a gorgeous rabbit fur lining pads the jacket and keeps you warm on chilly Spring days. If you prefer a sleeved jacket, we also have a ¾ sleeved parka jacket available as well. Just search for the ‘Gabby’.


The ‘Caroline’ reversible shawl



The ‘Caroline’ reversible shawl is a classic piece for any elegant ladies’ wardrobe. In fact, we love it so much we have a collection of fantastic colours and styles available. Each shawl is sleeved, to make it a little more practical, but you can choose your colours and we even have faux furred collars available (please note, this option is slightly dearer in price). Keep it neutral with greys, beiges and browns or be bold and beautiful in greens, reds, pinks and blues. We may be biased, but we definitely think this is a must have piece for those colder Spring and Summer evenings.


The ‘Britta’ silk scarf



Here at Patricia K Pritchard, we believe silk is a must have in any wardrobe and the ‘Britta’ scarf is one of our favourites. It’s 100% satin silk so will keep you feeling warm or cool, dependent on the weather. Available in a stunning range of colours: navy, pink or brown, it’s the perfect finishing touch for any outfit.


The ‘Conny’ Cashmere throw



The ‘Conny’ cashmere throw is a timeless piece that provides the finishing touch for any day-to-night outfit. Drape it over your shoulders at special occasions and events, or loosely tie it over your outfit to keep the chill off during the day. There is no right way to wear this throw, as it can accompany any outfit. Here at Patricia K Pritchard, we love it so much we have a fantastic range of stunning colours available for you to choose from. It really is the finishing touch to any outfit.


‘Lea’ tanned fur sliders or the ‘Trish’ three coloured fur sliders



Combine style and comfort with our range of sliders, exclusively available at Patricia K Pritchard. Keep it simple with the ‘Lea’ sliders (pictured above) with a rose gold rubber slide and a genuine tan fox fur trim. Alternatively, you can go for something a little bolder with the ‘Trish’ three coloured fur sliders. Black rubber slides topped with genuine fox fur in white, brown and pink. If you can’t decide which to purchase, why not go for both? We love both styles for Spring.


The ‘Andrea’ fur gilet



Nobody ever said you couldn’t wear fur in the Spring, and our team at Patricia K Pritchard agree the ‘Andrea’ fur gilet is a must have for this time of year. The a-symmetric hem and draped style front help to make the layering-look easy. Its thick knit design and warm rex rabbit fur will keep the chill off this Spring. We’ve kept this piece simple, and only have grey and black to choose from, but we do have a bolero style version, the ‘Joanne’ available in even more colours.

The products featured in this blog are only a selection of our favourite pieces to add to your Spring wardrobe. For most of the products there’s a fantastic range of stunning colours available for you to choose from. Simply, search the name of the product (for example ‘Britta’ for the scarf) at the top of any page to find the full range of styles and colours in that product.

To shop our full collection of products, click here.

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New fashion business to launch in December 2017 in Cheshire

New fashion business to launch in December 2017 in Cheshire

Cheshire based entrepreneur Patricia K Pritchard is launching her new fashion business bearing her name with a fine range of elegant occasion wear items and eye-catching accessories on the 10th of December 2017.

Her collection includes luxurious real and faux fur coats and gilets, trendy fur sliders, snap cuffs and silk tie fur collars as well as fabulous bag charms and exclusively printed silk scarves.

Patricia has chosen ‘Age UK’ as her charity for the launch day and will donate 10% of all purchases from that day towards helping the Elderly.

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