Hi, we are Patricia and Cherie from Patricia K Pritchard.

We started our fashion business just over 7 months ago with an idea: To set up an emerging British fashion brand with two big differences: besides creating and sourcing elegant occasion wear items and unique accessories we decided to create a concept where not only the customer but also the less fortunate will benefit. We created the ‘Fashion, Friends and Feeling Good’ parties (evolving the concept of the hosted Bodyshop and Tupperware parties of old) and combine this fantastic shopping experience among friends with giving a 10% share (we call it our Angels’ share) of any profits made to support charitable organizations.
So far we have raised over £6000 by gifting items to charity auctions and donating our ‘angels’ share’ helping charities such as The Marina Dalglish Appeal, Age UK, Miscarriages Association, BIRD (Brain Injury Rehabilitation & Development) and the Countess of Chester Hospital Breast Care Unit.
Coming back to our ‘Fashion, Friends and Feeling Good parties’: Customers sometimes ask us why we go to so much effort setting up events and hosted parties. Why not simply focus on online shopping which would possibly reach a wider audience with less work for us? Of course, we offer online shopping through our website www.patriciakpritchard.com but to give customers an even better shopping experience we want them to come together to look at our items and try them on in the comfort of their home with friends around to advise. That’s what ‘Fashion, Friends and Feeling Good Parties’ are about. The host chooses a charity they want to support and invites friends and we as Patricia K Pritchard bring the fashion to them. Together we can create a fabulous afternoon or evening filled with friendship, fashion, laughter and charity.

We hope to see you soon at some of our events or online – enjoy shopping with us, Patricia & Cherie (March 2018)

P.S.: If you are interested in hosting a party at your home or workplace, please contact Cherie Cherie@patriciakpritchard.com. We look forward helping you in both looking good and feeling good by bringing our fashion to you and your friends.