About our Materials

We like to work with natural fibres as these are a sustainable source with a low impact to the environment. Our collection is made to last and will give you a long time of enjoyment if you look after them.
Read more about how to look after your genuine fur or cashmere garment here.


Our cashmere collection are produced predominantly in Inner Mongolia which rears the finest and thickest cashmere wool.


For our LEXY stretch leather trousers we use finest sheep leather which is reared in Inner Mongolia.

Mongolian shearling

As an alternative to genuine fur we offer a bespoke range of Mongolian shearling as trims for coats, collars or tops. The shearling is from the finest Mongolian sheep reared in the cooler environment of Inner Mongolia which therefor produces the finest and thickest shearling.


As a member of the British Fur Association we we work in accordance of the BFTA’s strict terms and conditions about animal welfare and responsibly sourced furs.

All of our furs are ethically sourced with foxes from China being held in free range outside pens.

Bespoke orders for our ‘Red carpet collection’ are sourced from UK pelt merchants which uphold the standards requested by the Government and then made bespoke by UK furriers to support our economy.

Rex rabbit items are mostly a by product of the meat trade.

Mink and sable for coats are sourced from UK pelt merchants which are member of the BFTA and source their skins and pelts in accordance with Government standards.

We currently are working on expanding our ‘Prefurred’ collection which sees existing fur garments being reworked into new collection items like the CONNY cashmere wrap with four sides fur trims.
If you like to donate one of your old fur items to charity we could help you with that and take the fur garment off your hands to get a second life.